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ALEXA Traffic Rank Checker is vital to those who want to know where their domains stand in the Alexa Page ranking system.

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What is Alexa Page Rank Checker?

Alexa provides meaningful analytical information that helps you ascertain your website's position amidst your competitor's websites and millions of other websites across the globe.

Alexa Page Rank checker tool provides accurate data from it's global Page panel which includes millions of Internet users across the world. Many sites also have Alexa Toolbar scripts enabled in them for the tool to pick up the most accurate metrics. The Page Rank checker tool compares the relative positioning of the website as compared to all other sites on the Internet over the past 3 months. The ranking is determined by a series of algorithms that calculate the site's estimated average daily unique visitors and its estimated number of page views over the past 3 months. The tool also provides an identical country specific ranking which identifies how the website ranks in any particular country compared to other sites over the past month.

How to use Alexa Page Rank Checker?

Type the website link / URL you need to check ranking in the space provided and click 'Check Ranking'.