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Find your Computer's Internal (Local) IP Address

What is an Internal or Local IP Address?

Every computer on a network has its own unique IP address. The IP address above is your computer's internal IP Address. Internal IP address is also called as Local IP address or Private IP address.

This IP address is allocated to your computer through the router that controls internet access to the group of computers or networking devices (laptops, tablets, smart phones or network printers) within your internal network.

The IP address ranges are mostly set default to the brand of router used. For example, the standard IP address for devices connected on Linksys routers start with Router administrators can change the internal IP addresses by logging into the router's console web page.

What IP address range can I use in my internal network?

The following three private IP address range are allocated for devices in any Local Area Network (internal networks) in the world:

IP Address Range Maximum Usable IP Addresses Class -
Class A -
Class B -
Class C

Network classes (Class A, B & C) are determined by the number of usable IP addresses with a particular IP address range. So in theory, more than 16 million devices can be connected over the network on a Class A Local Area Network. This is predominantly used by large scale organisations that use massive numbers of computing devices inter connected through multiple networks. And most home and small business private networks use Class C IP address range as they can connect about 65,000 devices in their internal network.

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