SEO Tools / URL builder and Shortener

Is a service that takes long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters to make a link that is easier to share.

Step One

First, enter the URL that you are sending visitors to.

Destination URL:

Step Two

Campaign Name

Usually defines message or season of the ads


Marketing Source

Where the ad is located or where the visitor is coming from.


Marketing Medium

Medium for the marketing being used.


Optional Fields

Finally, there are two other fields which are optional. There isn't a use for them in every campaign, but they can be useful in some cases.


Only used for cpc campaigns.


Marketing Content

Differentiate between two ads that share the same name, source and medium.


Step Three

When you've entered all the information generate your new destination URL.

New Destination URL

Nothing needs to be changed in your Google Analytics account. Just copy and paste this new URL as the destination URL for your ad. Or, if your ad is hosted on another site or done by an agency, give this URL to them for the ad you specified.

Our URL Builder & Shortener Tool is 100% free to use. Please support this tool by linking to it.

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